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About Us

RAD- Born out of pure love for sneakers!!! Founded by two Sneakerheads from the Mumbai suburbs who never knew what hype was!! All they knew that they loved sneakers and were never satisfied with the price they were paying for the quality of the sneakers they loved and wore.
So in 2015, they set out to solve the Sneaker problem they faced all their life. RAD is now India's only authentic sneaker brand which makes original designs inspired by Indian sub-cultures using only super premium raw materials manufactured in India and hand makes each pair of their sneakers.
RAD takes pride in being 100% Made in India. Which makes it possible to sell sneakers at 1/3rd the price of international sneaker brands. We aim to be the flag bearer of Indian sneaker arts internationally. So we invite like minded folks with the same spirit and enthusiasm for sneakers as an art form and help RAD and the community grow.
                                                         Be your own TRIBE
                                                                Be YOU
                                                                Be RAD